• On January 3, 2012, the Women’s Classical Caucus recognized a paper by Helen King of the Open University, UK, “Galen and the widow: Towards a history of therapeutic masturbation in ancient gynaecology,” which appeared in the first issue of Eugesta, awarding it the Barbara McManus prize for the best article published in the last three years relating to the WCC’s mission of “fostering the study of gender, sexuality, feminist theory, or women’s history.”


• In January 2014, Brooke A. Holmes was co-recipient of the 2014 Barbara McManus Prize for Best Published Article on Gender or Women’s Studies in Antiquity for her article, “The Poetic Logic of Negative Exceptionalism in Lucretius, Book Five.” in Lucretius: Poetry, Philosophy, Science, edited by Lehoux, Morrison, and Sharrock. Oxford 2013: 153-191. This article was published, in a slightly different form, with the title « The poetics of anthropogony: men, women, and children in Lucretius, book five » in the fourth issue of Eugesta.


• In January, 2016, the Women’s Classical Caucus gave a prize to Sheila Murnaghan for the best paper on a topic in Gender or Women’s Studies delivered by a post-PhD scholar in 2014-2015. the paper was delivered at the 2015 SCS meeting in New Orleans and was published, in a slightly different form, with the title: “Tragic Realities: Fictional Women and the Writing of Ancient History” in the fifth issue of Eugesta.